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My Hair and Me - Kids is a blend of various enriching content focusing on encouraging children to love their natural hair while increasing diversity and inclusion in educationally focused content.    

After the release of ABC My Hair and Me, founder, Miyosha Streets, nurtured the need for early age inclusiveness thus creating My Hair and Me - Kids. 


Representation matters, and it is important for kids to see themselves in all aspects of their lives.  That includes being seen in their learning materials too.  

Hair is often a sensitive topic, and the comparison of textures, lengths, and styles could leave an unhealthy impression and taint beauty standards.  Teaching kids to embrace their hair at a young age will assist in negating bias beauty standards. Combine embracing your naturally beautiful hair with learning is the mission of My Hair and Me - Kids. 

Long hair, short hair, curly hair, wet hair, all hair is beautiful, and you are too!

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About Us

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