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Miyosha Streets

"From London to Liberty and everyone in between, may you be forever represented and always seen." - Miyosha Streets

Proudly born and raised with grace and southern charm in Marion, South Carolina, Miyosha Streets, always had big dreams and visions to match.  It wasn't until after getting married, and having her delightful little ones that being an author was added to the list.  

With a passion for building confidence and boosting self-esteem in children, Miyosha created ABC My Hair and Me to counteract the old beauty standards as well as increasing diversity and inclusion in children's literature. 


ABC My Hair and Me is the first book released in the My Hair and Me - Kids educational book collection.

Miyosha is currently working on the next education book, 1-2-3 My Hair and Me, which will be released by the end of 2022

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ABC My Hair and Me.
Miyosha pictured with her Husband, Courtney, and two kids, London(son) and Liberty (daughter)
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