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Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

First things first, let's get a proper introduction out of the way.

My name is Miyosha, I am the mother of two, London and Liberty, as well as the wife to my high school sweetheart, Courtney.

I won't bore you with the same logistics already stated on our website under the Meet The Author page, but if you haven't already - check it out.

I have had many goals and aspirations throughout my life, but being an author and running a business was never on the list (at least not in my younger years). Having kids things changed, and being an author suddenly became a passion that I never knew existed. I have learned that our plans are not always God's plans, but when you make the decision to surrender your life amazing things will happen.

This year I was interviewed by the wonderful authors of Ava's Magical Hair Adventure. In this interview, I discuss the beginning of my journey and how I started. You also get a snippet of me reading my first book, ABC My Hair and Me.

This is just the beginning and only a preview. As you continue to take this journey with me, I'll share more.


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