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Classroom Valentine Exchange Cards

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for many and is often celebrated in the classroom. One fun way often celebrated is by exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with classmates. It’s a great way for kiddos to show their peers they care about them and appreciate their friendship.

The act of exchanging cards also promotes a sense of community in the classroom and encourages students to be kind to one another. Although it may seem like a small gesture, the exchange of Valentine’s Day cards in the classroom can have a big impact.

I'm sure many of us recall getting our classroom name list and going to the store to pick out our cards. The choices were extremely limited and consisted of whatever cartoon was popular at the time.

How cool would it have been to give and receive cards that had characters that actually looked like us? It's all about representation and allowing a space for kids to create a culture of inclusion and a sense of pride.

In January 2022, we released our Classroom Exchange Cards with characters that actually look like our kids, and are uniquely designed with kid-appropriate and affirming phrases. One year later, they are still one of our highly requested items. Kids love seeing themselves represented, and including content that not only looks like them but affirms them is just what they need to feel confident in who they are.

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