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Father's Day - Changing the Narrative

Black America is often presented as being full of single mothers, where fathers are absent in the home. Part of this is because the mainstream media doesn't show black fathers as being present parenting their children.

Many black fathers are actively involved in the raising of their children, yet this image is rarely presented in popular media. Even more unfortunate, these positive images are often undercut by greeting cards that don't include black families or play into stereotypes.

Once again, we are on a mission to change the narrative and create greeting cards that celebrate our beauty, family, love, and accomplishments. Our debut greeting card is definitely dear to my heart. While I am 100% a Daddy's girl, I have the pleasure of watching my husband be an active and driving force in our kids' lives.

I am happy to announce that we are beginning the launch of our greeting card line with a Father's Day card. With the amazing support of my husband and kids during this entire entrepreneurial journey, this is the perfect introduction. Black fathers are active, present, and we honor them.

To see more, click the photo above.

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