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New Beginnings

Well, we are doing it!

After many requests, suggestions, and simply getting outside of ourselves, we are finally starting a blog. Insert cheers, hype man, and cue the band because this is definitely a big deal.

Yes, we are doing it, and when I say "we" that's exactly what I mean. This is a team effort, and I am soliciting the big lovely husband and adorable children, London and Liberty, will be a part of this process. It's a no-brainer, they are the initial inspiration, product testers, idea catchers, marketing crew, models, content creators, and the list goes on. When you're running a family business, it's all hands on deck.


What to expect?

The goal of this blog is to provide only what you are interested in receiving. While we will share the journey of My Hair and Me - Kids, we only want to provide content that is helpful to you. This will range from tips regarding hair care, ways to boost confidence and affirm your little ones, as well as family bonding activities.

In addition, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you would like to see more or less of. This is an open relationship, and we want you to enjoy the journey along with us.

Drop us a line. Let us know what you think. We're excited about interacting with you.

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