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School Is Back In Session

Where did the summer go? Kids are back to school and it's near the end of August already?

Shout out to The Scholar Academy for sharing this beautiful photo of their scholars enjoying our book, ABC My Hair and Me.

While most of our kids are physically back in the classrooms, trying to obtain a sense of normalcy, they might need a little extra encouragement to get them through the day. Of course, we have them recite their affirmations and tell them to have a great day in the mornings, but they may need an extra boost by mid-day.

There are many ways we can encourage our little ones and boost their self-esteem even when they aren't in front of us to cheer them on. Below is a list of my top 3 ways to uplift your little ones while they are at school.

1. Lunch Bag

Adding notes to my kids' lunch bags is definitely my number one way to add encouraging words to get them through the day. I make sure they don't see the notes and try to surprise them with a different message each day. You can put messages on sticky notes and place them on their lunch containers, or write a short letter and simply place it inside the bag. Either option is sure to bring them a smile.

2. Binder or Notebook

Another option is to put notes inside of your kiddo's binder, notebook, or agenda/calendar. If you know your child will be using a particular notebook, for their class, you can definitely write a few encouraging words on a sheet of paper inside. This would also work if they use Chromebooks. Put a sticky note on the screen or keyboard, so when they open their Chromebook, there's a special message waiting for them.

3. Pencil Case

Folded notes are great to place in your child's pencil case. They get to read the wonderful message you left them and keep it there to pull out again if they want to feel your positivity later in the day. Even if your child does not carry a pencil case, you can wrap a note around the pencil in their backpack.

For an extra tip, stickers are a great (and quick) way to put a smile on their sweet faces. You can add a sticker to any of the above options. Our stickers are a great option, allowing you to remove them from most surfaces without any damage. Check them out here.

No matter what options you choose, let's keep in mind we do not know what our babies are going through while at school, so any chance to send them positive energy is always a great thing.

I'd love to hear from you. What are some ways you have found to sneak encouraging words to your little ones while at school?

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