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ABC My Hair and Me

Written By Miyosha Streets
Illustrated By Sarah Gamal
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Long hair, short hair, curly hair, wet hair, all hair is good hair and fun to learn! 

ABC My Hair and Me assist your little one in learning the ABCs with loving and caring for their hair. 


Purchase ABC My Hair and Me, and encourage your little one to embrace the diversity of their hair while learning their alphabets at the same time. 

Available in Hardback and Paperback.

Diverse literature is not only for melanated people. It is important for children to see equal representation to become adults that give equal respect. The gap in diverse content shows groups of learners aren't connecting with literature while others aren't being exposed to other cultures.


By engaging children in culturally responsive content, we know their awareness of diverse cultures and beliefs increases. When a child sees themselves represented, it not only boosts their confidence in what they can accomplish but gives them a sense of pride, equality, and inclusion.

Bulk Ordering

Bulk orders, as well as lesson plans, are available upon request.  Send an email to or complete the contact us form here.



Kendra Brown, Books of Melanin

This is a fun book to read and would be amazing to have across schools and or even a gift for your little ones. This book is a definite must have so you can teach your little ones to love themselves while they are young and to feel that same love when they grow up.

Terrise Elise, Teacher
YouTuber @WonderTeacher

This book was awesome! The illustrations were clear and the story was affirming and positive. One of the BEST a books I have reviewed. For some highlights please visit my YOUTUBE a page @Wonder Teacher Washington for a glimpse into this inspiring story!

Books that Bind

Learn the alphabet, letter recognition AND aspects of embracing your hair? YES! From twists and braids to dreads and fros, each letter of the alphabet corresponds with a word that pertains to Black hair.

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